The Chair of the Planning Commission, Mike Coleman conducts current and long range planning, prepares amendments to the Town Plan and Zoning Regulations and assists the Planning Commission in reviewing development applications.

Zoning Administrator Jim Allen is responsible for building permits, inspections, and enforcement of the Zoning Regulations.

The members of the Planning Commission are appointed by the Select Board. They handle all developmental plans, zoning ordinances, rezoning and subdivisions. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month in the in the Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.

Zoning Documents:

Zoning Permit Application Conditional Use Permit Access / Driveway Permit Zoning Violation Complaint Zoning Ordinance Zone Mapping

Zoning Meeting Minutes & Agendas 2022:

PZB Agenda 2.1.22


Zoning Meeting Minutes & Agendas 2021:

12-7-21 PZ MINUTES 11-2-21 PZ MINUTES 9-7-21 PZ MINUTES 7-6-21 PZ MINUTES PZB Agenda 6.1.21 4-6-21 PZ MINUTES PZB Minutes 3.2.21 PZB Minutes 2.9.21


Zoning Meeting Minutes & Agendas 2020 :

PZB Minutes 11.3.20 PZB Agenda 10.6.20 PZB Minutes 9.1.20 8-4-2020 PZB Agenda 6.2.20 2-4-2020 Minutes


Zoning Meeting Minutes & Agendas 2019 :

PZB Minutes 11.5.19 PZB Minutes 10.1.19 PZB Minutes 9.3.19 PZB Minutes Agenda 9.3.19 PZB Minutes 6.4.19